Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 launched

by Amit Verma September 25, 2008

Google has recently added a few add-on in Gmail Labs. Some of them are really useful. Mark as Read Button If you use “Mark as Read” option from Action menu frequently then this is for you. Enable this lab feature will insert a “Mark as Read” button beside Delete button. Default ‘Reply to all’ The […]

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Is Windows Vista Slow!?

by Amit Verma August 5, 2008

Do you think Windows Vista is slower than Windows XP? Jyoti says that it has many more features than Windows XP. Features are listed at

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Windows Vista – [XXX] is not a valid Win32 application

by Amit Verma August 4, 2008

My Father started a catering business in 2005. Unfortunately that didn’t do well. I designed a Menu Card for him which was appreciated by many people. Today he asked me about the menu card. I designed that on my old PC and its hard disk crashed 2 times after that. Fortunately I emailed a copy […]

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Windows Vista Performance and Tuning

by Amit Verma August 2, 2008

Are you using Windows Vista on your PC? Do you think that it doesn’t respond well in time? You can improve the performance of Windows Vista. Download the Windows Vista Performance and Tuning guide here or from this link :

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