Stop receiving notification messages after you comment on a photo : Facebook

by Amit Verma September 8, 2010

This article is relevant to ASP.NET. Knowledge of HTML and ASP.Net is required. I was working on a project where I had to implement URL rewriting. I was also working on a tool to update a site’s (let’s say content. The tool was hosted on another domain ( I had to use images and […]

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Bookmark Facebook application

by Amit Verma October 10, 2008

I have seen many people complaining about Facebook applications that are not shown in the application menu. When an application is added it doesn’t get displayed in the Facebook Application menu automatically. Only bookmarked applications are shown there. After adding the application follow the steps given below to bookmark. Click on the Edit link on […]

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Use Twitter in Facebook

by Amit Verma September 16, 2008

Twitter and Facebook both are amazing application to stay in touch with Family and Friends. Twitter and Facebook both can be used simultaneously in Facebook using this application. This application is developed by Twitter. Facebook only allows a limited number of updates to your profile per day.

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Facebook’s New Look

by Amit Verma August 17, 2008

Facebook is redesigning it’s look. You can switch to the new look using a link on the top-left corner. If you have any problem with the new look visit or submit feedback.

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