Rapid Theme Development on WordPress – Part 1

by Amit Verma on November 29, 2012

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Happy Diwali to all the visitor of my blog (which is almost dead) and my friends.

I have not been writing for quite some time now. There are quite a few reason behind it. I have quit my job and chosen entrepreneurship. I am spending most of my time building my Web Development and Design startup. And this is the main reason I couldn’t pull time to indulge with writing posts on my blog.

After a long time of handwork I am enjoying some stability and now want to spend some time with my blog and WordPress plugin development.

So stay tuned, health system human enhancement I should have new posts soon.
Wordpress is widely used CMS to develop websites. I mostly use it for website development. The most quickest and easiest way to develop themes on WordPress is using Child Themes. In Child Theme, abortion you don’t have to worry about most of the PHP work. You can develop theme from minimal code, HTML and CSS changes.

I would like to share some of the websites which I have developed using Child Theme in this part. I will pick one of these designs and share my workflow of Rapid Theme Development on WordPress in next few posts.

  1. Trueman Entertainment
  2. Redcliffs Mirisss
  3. Sri Journeys
  4. Celebrants International
  5. Theory Frames
  6. Kasuri Gems & Designs
  7. the hope mousehole
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