Tip : Do more with Format Painter

by Amit Verma March 10, 2009

Tweet Format Painter is a very good tool in MS office to copy and paste style. If you click only once on the Format Painter icon to copy the style, discount the Format Painter goes away after one application. Double click on the format painter icon and you can use it on different part of [...]

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Apple invites creative pro’s

by Amit Verma March 8, 2009

Tweet Apple is going to showcase it’s latest creative tools. It is a good chance for creative professional to understand Mac platform better. This event is named as “Joined-up-thinking”. Here is the detail of the event. During this interactive event, our experts will provide an overview of the latest creative tools for the Mac platform. [...]

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Improved attachment features in Gmail

by Amit Verma February 26, 2009

Tweet Gmail now shows progress bar when attaching files to messages. It shows progress bar next to each attached file. It also gives the feature to attach multiple files at once. Advance attachment features required Flash. If these new features are not working for you then check settings on General tab of the Settings page. [...]

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Open docx or xlsx files in Gmail

by Amit Verma February 22, 2009

Tweet However a converter is available from Microsoft to convert MS Office Open XML file format to the previous MS Office version file format. But if you don’t have the converter and want to view the MS Word or Excel 2007 file urgently then you can use Gmail. Compose a new mail and attach the [...]

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You can be a victim of phishing by blindly following a link in an email

by Amit Verma February 14, 2009
Thumbnail image for You can be a victim of phishing by blindly following a link in an email

Tweet If you receive an email from a unknown source especially from a bank or financial institution and asks you to click on a link then you should check the actual destination page of the link. Normally spam filter filters such mails but it is always better to check if the email delivered in Inbox. [...]

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IBM developerWorks Forum in Delhi

by Amit Verma February 4, 2009

Tweet IBM developerWorks is organizing a forum on February 18th at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The topic of the forum is “Leverage the power of Web 2.0 Forum” . You will get a chance to explore IBM WebSphere sMash, Lotus Mashups, SOA and Web2.0 – IBM’s latest innovations. Based on the highly-acclaimed Project Zero, [...]

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Save image to iPhone from Mail app

by Amit Verma January 29, 2009

Tweet To save a image from an email in Mail application to iPhone, cialis open the email containing the image and tap & hold on the image. It will display a message to save the image, prescription tap on “Save Image” button. Now you can locate the image in Photos app.

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Access dictionary quickly from Apple applications on Mac

by Amit Verma January 5, 2009

Tweet It is great to have quick access to the dictionary while reading or writing, buy without leaving the application on which you are working. Dictionary can be accessed quickly from any Apple application like Safari, Mail, Calendar, Pages etc. To access the dictionary, place the mouse curser on the word which you want to [...]

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Hurry! I have got the iPhone

by Amit Verma December 15, 2008

Tweet Hurry! I have got my iPhone. I will not write a review of iPhone, online there are planty available on the web. I am in love with this device. There are many basic features missing i.e. SMS forward, sovaldi sale copy & paste etc but I am still loving it. I bough it 5 [...]

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