Assign Categories to Pages in WordPress

by Amit Verma February 17, 2010

Tweet WordPress has different options for organizing posts. One of them is Categories. The categories can only be assigned to posts, not to pages in WordPress. But sometime you might want to categorize the pages as well. Here are a few cases. To display related posts on a page. To display pages and categories in [...]

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A few posts to share from the year 2009 and 2008

by Amit Verma December 26, 2009

Tweet I would like to share a few posts which I think are useful. Tip : Do more with Format Painter You can be a victim of phishing by blindly following a link in an email Access dictionary quickly from Apple applications on Mac Obscene comments on your blog can put you behind the bars [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ’09

by Amit Verma December 25, 2009

Tweet Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas ’09. This year was full of changes and very busy for me. I was too occupied with many projects. I couldn’t even blog after June 3rd. I will try to blog regularly in the year 2010. I am also planning to include [...]

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Change photo capture date and time : iPhoto

by Amit Verma June 3, 2009

Tweet Clicked pictures with incorrect date and time? It become really hard to organize photos with wrong date and time. Most of the picture editing software doesn’t allow to change photo capture date but iPhoto gives a convenient way to update this information. Change date and time of only one picture Select the picture and [...]

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Online friends list in Orkut

by Amit Verma April 16, 2009
Orkut: Gmail online friends list

Tweet Orkut is well integrated with gmail chat. Now you may also notice “Online friends” tab in the left-bottom corner of orkut. Click on the tab to expend and see the online gmail contacts.

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1 US dollar is equal to INR 1.419

by Amit Verma April 6, 2009

Tweet Surprised!!! According to Unit Convert widget in Mac OS X’s dashboard US$1 is equal to INR 1.419. And one British Pound is equal to INR 22.649. That is not all, INR 1 is equal to INR 0.222. This isn’t only on one Mac. I have tried it on three other Mac’s on different locations [...]

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Gmail Labs : Undo send

by Amit Verma March 22, 2009
Thumbnail image for Gmail Labs : Undo send

Tweet Gmail adds a new labs feature to undo send mail. This feature can retrieve the sent message. Gmail will hold the message for 5 seconds after hitting send button. This feature is quite useful when you press send button accidently before finishing your message or forget to attach file. You don’t have write a [...]

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iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation – limited functionality without it’s headphone

by Amit Verma March 13, 2009

Tweet Apple recently launched iPod Shuffle with a new feature VoiceOver. It also has a big change, no control buttons except the Shuffle, Play in order and Off. The functionality is quite limited if not use with the default headphone. When you switch on the shuffle with anything plugged into headphone jack it starts playing [...]

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