Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ’09

by Amit Verma on December 25, 2009

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Clicked pictures with incorrect date and time? It become really hard to organize photos with wrong date and time.

Most of the picture editing software doesn’t allow to change photo capture date but iPhoto gives a convenient way to update this information.

Change date and time of only one picture

Select the picture and change the date & time from Information Panel in the bottom-left corner of iPhoto window. If the Information Panel is not already open click on Show Information button button in the bottom-left corner.

Information Panel - iPhoto

Information Panel - iPhoto

Change date and time of multiple pictures

Select the pictures and go to Photos menu -> Adjust Date and Time. Here you can enter the new date & time for all the images. iPhoto preserves the original photos and create a new copy for the edited files so select “Modify original files” option to update original files.

Adjust Date and time - iPhoto

Adjust Date and time - iPhoto

IBM developerWorks is organizing a forum on February 18th at India Habitat Centre, therapy New Delhi. The topic of the forum is “Leverage the power of Web 2.0 Forum” .

IBM developerWorks Live!

You will get a chance to explore IBM WebSphere sMash, hospital Lotus Mashups, SOA and Web2.0 – IBM’s latest innovations. Based on the highly-acclaimed Project Zero, IBM WebSphere® sMash software is a development and execution platform. It advances Smart SOA’s simplicity, and accelerates the alignment of business and IT by allowing faster delivery of Web 2.0. based applications, thereby enabling mashups. You can also be a part of dynamic, interactive discussions that include Representational State Transfer, Groovy and PHP.

Click here to register for the forum.
Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas ’09.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year '09

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year '09

This year was full of changes and very busy for me. I was too occupied with many projects. I couldn’t even blog after June 3rd.

I will try to blog regularly in the year 2010. I am also planning to include more topics.

Once again Merry Christmas, pregnancy Happy New Year and Happy Blogging.

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