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by Amit Verma on June 3, 2009

in Mac, Photography

Clicked pictures with incorrect date and time? It become really hard to organize photos with wrong date and time.

Most of the picture editing software doesn’t allow to change photo capture date but iPhoto gives a convenient way to update this information.

Change date and time of only one picture

Select the picture and change the date & time from Information Panel in the bottom-left corner of iPhoto window. If the Information Panel is not already open click on Show Information button button in the bottom-left corner.

Information Panel - iPhoto

Information Panel - iPhoto

Change date and time of multiple pictures

Select the pictures and go to Photos menu -> Adjust Date and Time. Here you can enter the new date & time for all the images. iPhoto preserves the original photos and create a new copy for the edited files so select “Modify original files” option to update original files.

Adjust Date and time - iPhoto

Adjust Date and time - iPhoto

iPhoto is a great application to have; not only does it log your photos by their date and time, but there is also a Flagged setting, which allows you to bookmark your favorite images, making them easy and quick to find. There is also a link to Flickr and Facebook. This means that you can flag the images you want to publish, then simply click the Facebook or Flickr icon and watch you photos instantly appear on your profile. You can view your photos on a laptop, an iPad or even on a smart phone if you are always out and about. However, bare in mind that if you have large images, these could take a little longer to upload to Facebook or Flickr. So while you wait, this is a good chance to browse the web and find Mobile Phones, if you were thinking of upgrading to a smart phone, read Digital Photographer magazine, or just spend some time editing a few more photos in the integrated editing software. iPhoto also has a face recognition application which scans all your images, before producing a collection of photos for each face you register with the app.

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Himanshu July 12, 2009 at 12:12 am

It mostly happened when i clicked a photo with wrong time setting in my Nokia N73 mobile. Useful tweak.


Michael R. Wolf June 8, 2012 at 8:54 am

Not very helpful. When all the pictures I took over the weekend are off by 3 days, this tweak makes sure that the time/date *incorrectly* shows them *all* as having been taken at the exact same instant. Wrong!


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