Rapid Theme Development on WordPress – Part 1

by Amit Verma November 29, 2012

Happy Diwali to all the visitor of my blog (which is almost dead) and my friends. I have not been writing for quite some time now. There are quite a few reason behind it. I have quit my job and chosen entrepreneurship. I am spending most of my time building my Web Development and Design […]

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Tip : Do more with Format Painter

by Amit Verma March 10, 2009

Gmail now shows progress bar when attaching files to messages. It shows progress bar next to each attached file. It also gives the feature to attach multiple files at once. Advance attachment features required Flash. If these new features are not working for you then check General tab of the Settings page. The features can […]

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Open docx or xlsx files in Gmail

by Amit Verma February 22, 2009

However a converter is available from Microsoft to convert MS Office Open XML file format to the previous MS Office version file format. But if you don’t have the converter and want to view the MS Word or Excel 2007 file urgently then you can use Gmail. Compose a new mail and attach the docx […]

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Is Windows Vista Slow!?

by Amit Verma August 5, 2008

Do you think Windows Vista is slower than Windows XP? Jyoti says that it has many more features than Windows XP. Features are listed at http://www.nativejyoti.com/vista-slower-than-windows-xp-or-it-just-the-future-os/.

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Windows Vista – [XXX] is not a valid Win32 application

by Amit Verma August 4, 2008

My Father started a catering business in 2005. Unfortunately that didn’t do well. I designed a Menu Card for him which was appreciated by many people. Today he asked me about the menu card. I designed that on my old PC and its hard disk crashed 2 times after that. Fortunately I emailed a copy […]

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Windows Vista Performance and Tuning

by Amit Verma August 2, 2008

Are you using Windows Vista on your PC? Do you think that it doesn’t respond well in time? You can improve the performance of Windows Vista. Download the Windows Vista Performance and Tuning guide here or from this link : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=ab377598-a637-432c-a3c8-1607ab629201&DisplayLang=en.

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