WordPress is widely used CMS to develop websites. I mostly use it for website development. The most quickest and easiest way to develop themes on WordPress is using Child Themes. In Child Theme, you don’t have to worry about most of the PHP work. You can develop theme from minimal code, HTML and CSS changes.

I would like to share some of the websites which I have developed using Child Theme in this part. I will pick one of these designs and share my workflow of Rapid Theme Development on WordPress in next few posts.

  1. Trueman Entertainment
  2. Redcliffs Mirisss
  3. Sri Journeys
  4. Celebrants International
  5. Theory Frames
  6. Kasuri Gems & Designs
  7. the hope mousehole


Happy Diwali

by Amit November 12, 2012

Tweet Happy Diwali to all the visitor of my blog (which is almost dead) and my friends. I have not been writing for quite some time now. There are quite a few reason behind it. I have quit my job and chosen entrepreneurship. I am spending most of my time building my Web Development and [...]

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Happy New Year 2011

by Amit Verma December 31, 2010

Tweet I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Yet another year with lots of hopes; hope for better increment, case hope for flat tummy, there hope for better environment etc. I am hoping to achieve followings in 2011. Resolution list 2011 First of all, regular blog posts, at least one post every [...]

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Image SEO

by Amit Verma November 7, 2010

Tweet When we think of SEO, we all think of optimizing content and web pages. But images also play an important role in driving traffic to your site. Here are a few tips from Google Webmasters to optimize images for Search Engines. Informative image names If the image names are self explanatory, it increases its [...]

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Hide and Unhide friends from News Feed on Facebook

by Amit Verma September 17, 2010

Tweet News Feed is your Facebook homepage where you get updates from your Facebook friends, Pages etc. If you don’t want to hear regular updates from some of your Facebook Friends, you can hide them from News Feed. Hiding someone from News Feed Take your mouse to the news item, a X button will appear [...]

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Stop receiving notification messages after you comment on a photo : Facebook

by Amit Verma September 8, 2010

Tweet I had commented on a photo of my friend’s wedding on Facebook. When I checked my inbox an hour later, pill there were 22 comment notifications from Facebook. It really get annoying when you comment on someone’s photo and there after you receive a long trail of emails. But there is a way to [...]

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How useful an Actionless form could be

by Amit Verma August 26, 2010

Tweet This article is relevant to ASP.NET. Knowledge of HTML and ASP.Net is required. I was working on a project where I had to implement URL rewriting. I was also working on a tool to update a site’s (let’s say a.com) content. The tool was hosted on another domain (b.com). I had to use images [...]

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Plugin Update: Assign Categories to Pages – version 1.2

by Amit Verma August 15, 2010

Tweet Updates in version 1.2: Compatible with WordPress 3 Why it wasn’t working with WP3 WordPress had introduced Post Types in WP2.9. The default post types are post, page, attachment, revision, and nav-menu-item. WordPress had no restriction on applying taxonomies (category and tag) on any post type but had given the option to select for [...]

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Plugin: Assign Categories to Pages – version 1.1

by Amit Verma April 12, 2010

Tweet I have updated Map Categories to Pages. It has auto-insertion capability now. New Features in version 1.1: Option for auto-insertion of the Pages on Category pages Option for auto-insertion of Posts on the Pages which belong to the same category To enable the features, sovaldi sale goto the Map Categories to Pages settings page. [...]

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